DAP Beats the Nail All Purpose Construction Adhesive

DAP Beats the Nail All Purpose Construction Adhesive

Dap beats the nail all-purpose construction adhesive is a high strength, weatherproof adhesive ideal for bonding a wide variety of building materials

The quick-grab formula provides a heat and water resistant bond with fewer nails or fasteners required

For general construction, remodeling, maintenance and repair projects

Bonds wood to wood assemblies, metal joints to lumber, lumber and treated lumber, thresholds, metal, brick, plaster, masonry, concrete, drywall, ceramic tile, plywood, waferboard, particleboard, prefinished panels, bathroom fixtures and fiberglass shower enclosures

It reduces squeaks, nail pops and splitting

Meets ASTM Specification C 557

Interior and exterior use

Size: 10.3 oz.

Weight : 1.20 lbs.

Color:  White

UPC :070798274501

Manufacturer:  DAP

Manufacturer Part No:  27450

Shipping Weight: 1.2 lbs.

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