Cheng DFRC Casting Mix


CHENG D-FRC Casting Mix is a versatile gray cement blend that makes pouring, spraying and even hand-packing concrete an easy-to-follow, no-fuss process. Use the Casting Mix to create flawless concrete countertops, wall panels, floor tile, fireplace surrounds and furniture.

CHENG D-FRC Mix by Surecrete requires the addition of Xtreme Series Modifier to perform as specified. Each 50 lbs bag of CHENG D-FRC is blended with 1 gallon of Surecrete Xtreme Modifier before casting. This advanced fiber reinforced concrete is formulated to allow saturated colors in a convenient dual-component package.


ASTM C-109-08 Compressive Strength — 10,730 psi
ASTM C348-08 Flexural Strength — 690 psi
Reduced Material Needs — Average concrete countertop and table top thickness is 3/4". Small tile 1/4"-3/8" thickness. Large tile and wall panels 3/8"-1/2"
Flexible Casting Temperatures — 40º - 90ºF
Coverage — 9.8 square feet at 1/2" thickness

Unbeatable project turn-around times and 24-hour mold rotations on smaller projects. 

The versatile mix consistency and fine fiber matrix make CHENG D-FRC Casting Mix one of the few fiber reinforced concrete mixes that can be sprayed directly into a mold with low cost off-the-shelf hopper guns.

Convert CHENG D-FRC Casting Mix into a superior structural layup by adding basalt chopped fiber. 

Formulated for the most luxurious color palettes, the CHENG D-FRC's gray cement blend is a perfect base for achieving colors that are rich, warm, and saturated.

Xtreme Series Modifier can be shipped without special packaging or associated costs for freeze protection. 

Shipping Weight: 52 lbs.

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