Infinicrete Exclusives

With decades of the finest high-end work to inspire him, Jeff Kudrick has created the Infinicrete line of sink molds and edge details.

The high-end materials in this line will help you craft a beautiful, clean piece for any setting, commercial or retail. The sink molds are manufactured using the highest-quality tooling resins and gel coats. Many are core-reinforced and stage-manufactured to virtually eliminate any cupping in the large flat sides.

The edge details offer intricate, unique patterns that will give your cast piece the texture of specific kinds of stone, wood and much more. These are not the tired, typical forms that everybody has sold for years. They are one-of-a-kind designs that will leave your customer saying, "How did they do that?"

Custom-Designed Sink Molds

Unique molds for commercial and residential sinks, including basin sinks, vanity sinks, and (pictured above) Jeff Kudrick's award-winning Tribeca Sink.

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Exclusive Edge Details

Edge details that apply intricately crafted textures of stone or wood - or even a forest scene (shown above) - to the sides of a cast sink or countertop. 

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