Cheng DFRC Spray Mix

Cheng DFRC Casting Blend

Use CHENG D-FRC SprayBlend to create flawless countertops, fireplace surrounds, wall panels or floor tile for both interior and exterior application. The fine blend consistency and exceptional workability deliver amazing detail transfer from any mold surface.

This mix is typically sprayed 1/8" thick and needs to be backed up with Xtreme precast or Xtreme backer mix. You can add color packs, CHENG Smart Color or fine stone. Each 50 lbs bag of CHENG D-FRC is blended with 1 gallon of Surecrete Xtreme Modifier before casting.


Petroleum and polymer-free
Immune to freeze-thaw damage
Can be as thin as 1/2" thick
Spray, trowel, brush or roller apply 1/8" thick
Advanced chemistry allows de-molding 12 hours after casting
Wide range of casting temperatures, between 40°F - 90°F, without additional considerations
Hassle-free use, consistent results

Shipping Weight: 52 lbs.

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