Precast Sealers

Sealers that are specifically formulated for use with decorative precast mixes.

Xtreme Series PC12 Solvent Sealer

This solvent-based sealer is easy to apply, enhancing, scratch-resistant, fast-curing and easy to machine to a variety of sheen finishes. 

Xtreme Series XS327 Water Based Urethane (Gloss)

Water-based, minimal-color-enhancing sealer for sealing countertops and most precast projects (this version leaves a gloss finish)

Xtreme Series XS 327 Urethane (Matte)

XS-327 Xtreme series Water-Based, minimal color enhancing sealer for sealing countertops and most any precast project indoors or out (This version leaves a matte finish)