Concrete Countertops: The Do-it-Yourself Kit

The complete guide to the materials and steps required for DIYers to form their own concrete countertop.

Travertine & Veining on a Countertop

A texture you can create using GFRC, veining material and baking soda.

A Curving Concrete Table in One Day

SureCrete staff show how to make one of those drooping concrete tabletops in only five hours.

Making Furniture by Bending Concrete

Thin, reinforced slabs of concrete are so strong, they can literally be bent into furniture. Here's how.

How to Create a Sandstone Texture

Give your countertop the texture and feel of sandstone.

SureCrete's Countertop Forming System

The SureCrete Xtreme (XS) system for successful countertop forming

Creating the Burnished Look

Use a microtopping to get the burnished look on a concrete piece.

Concrete Countertop Veining

Building a vein into your cast concrete piece with the help of SureCrete's Xtreme Veining.

Making a Concrete Terrazzo Table

Terrazzo mix and your choice of aggregates make for a light, colorful terrazzo tabletop.